Horror Vacui Tattoo Parlour, Bologna Italy
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In this section you find a portfolio of photos of tattoos, designs for tattoos and flashes made at Horror Vacui Tattoo Parlour, in Bologna, Italy by the best Italian and international tattoo artists, who were our guests from 2016 to 2018.

On the page Tattooers Bologna you will find the most recent of these photographs.

You can read on the News page of the collaborations with tattoo artists that we added to our calendar for the next months and make an appointment by phoning or writing to .

Our first international guest was the Japanese tattoo artist Jun Chihara, from 26 to 30 July 2016.

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Jasper De Jonge
Mauro Quaresima
Mr. Netto
Alex Silver
Alberto Baldolini
Daniele Scafati
Lavinia Sini
Luca Calvaresi
Paolo Ferrara
Simon Demartino
Freddy Boy Bstrd
Juan Vargas
Filo Isback
Gabriele Cardosi
Borja Silgado
Luca Polini
Michele Iannì
Simone De Masi
Cursed Lover
Mr Oger
Demy Tattooer
Javier Garcia
Al Boy
Franky Boy
Federico Ravaioli
The Magic Rosa
Jun Chihara