Horror Vacui Tattoo Parlour, Bologna Italy
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Tattooers in Bologna, Italy

On this page you find the latest images of tattoos, drawings and flashes for tattoos made in Bologna by our best tattoo artists.

Furthermore, you will find here a selection from Deborah Ferranti's portfolio: blackwork characterized by a fine but strong line, sometimes by the use of the dotted technique, some others dotwork only. The subjects are often inherent with nature, the occult or battle.

On this other page you will see photos of tattoos made by our guests in past years, since our opening in 2016.

You will find in the News all the collaborations with tattoo artists we have scheduled for the next months of 2021: make an appointment contacting us by phone or writing an email to !

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Deborah Ferranti

tattooer in bologna italy
tattooers in bologna italy

Guest tattooers in Bologna

Luca Led
tattoos in bologna italy
Arianna Fusini
Diego de Sintas